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What is the big ideas for this awesome names ? Use MyEthereumWallet.XYZ as your Ethereum Wallet...! Why ... ? XYZ and Ethereum have partnered to allow you to pair your domain with your Ethereum wallet via the main ENS network.This means domain can harness the power of the DNS to function as an easily memorable custom identifier for your Ethereum wallet, allowing you to manage your assets while retaining security and anonymity. What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain application platform whose shared global infrastructure can move value around and represent ownership of property. Think of it like a global computer, but one which uses a decentralized system of “nodes” to store information rather than servers and clouds like the internet does. One common way Ethereum is currently used is as a cryptocurrency. In fact, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available on the market.What’s the benefit of pairing my .xyz domain with my Ethereum wallet? There are a few benefits, including: You can now use domain as an identifier for your wallet. So, for example, you could use your domain to reference your wallet instead of a standard wallet address like 0d2d81fe3b5937241c106aace6d6e8e4a. Your wallet can take advantage of the power of the DNS when paired to your .xyz domain. Your .xyz domain has increased security options like DNSSEC, WHOIS privacy protection, and registrar/registry lock, adding even more security on top of your precious assets. So Own and Buy This Domain Today, because once you forget this names, you would lose it forever. Its would go to another buyers immediately. Own the domain MyEthereumWallet.Xyz and use as your memorable ethereum wallet forever

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a cryptocurrency business, an Internet of Things Brand, a Blockchain Business and many more!

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